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14,000 International Miles, 28 Hours – One Proud Certificate Holder

Laurie Zagon quoteArt for Creativity & Healing welcomes people from all over the United States and internationally for our Workshops and Art4Healing® Certification Program. This summer, we welcomed Annaliza L to one of our 7-day intensive Certification sessions all the way from the Philippines.

Annaliza flew over 7,000 miles, making a 14-hour one-way journey to join us in our studio in Laguna Hills, California. According to her, “All I know is that I have a calling and mission through painting. I followed my intuition. I signed up to learn the process and invest to further enhance my knowledge and be a professional Art4Healing® Facilitator.


Annaliza Certification Student

We’re glad she followed her intuition! Annaliza participated in the full week of activities and particularly enjoyed the volunteer work. “The experience made me feel humbled,” she said. “Also, hearing the stories of all the participants and their background, I realized how blessed I am.

She continued to say “Seeing facilitators conducting the workshop with so much passion and dedication, they inspired me to share my life with others. Through the program, I was healed. It gives me a better understanding of my present situation and my purpose in life. As I would say “NO WORDS CAN EXPLAIN” how I feel during and after the training.

We couldn’t have written a better testimonial ourselves. Thank you Annaliza!

Now that she is officially a Certified Art4Healing® Facilitator, Annaliza will be taking the method back to the Philippines. She hopes to spread Art & Creativity for Healing’s mission there and throughout Asia at corporate clients, hospitals, and local NGO’s.

As Annaliza mentioned, one of the quotes that had a real impact on her came from our founder, Laurie Zagon when she said, “It’s not about me or you, but others.”

Here are five of her final creations:

Coming Soon – International Art4Healing® Online Certification

We have had a worldwide interest in our Certification Program. However, many people are unable to attend our sessions in southern California.

Good news! As part of our expanding mission, we’re working hard to develop an International Art4Healing® Online Certification Program. The course will closely mimic the studio training. You will complete online modules, submit assignments, and collaborate closely with a Certified Art4Healing® Facilitator/Mentor throughout.

We anticipate launching this program in Spring 2018. For more information, contact us.

In the meantime, check out our offering of Online Coursesall priced at only $49!

Get Certified

If you’re located in southern California, we have our semester-long fall Art4Healing® Certification session beginning on October 10th and ending on January 23rd, 2018

Art4Healing Certification August

For more information, click here.