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Are you handling your team’s mental health needs?

Corporate wellness has been a “buzz phrase” for managers and business owners for some time. This past year has brought wellness into greater light.

A great corporate wellness program addresses both your team’s physical and mental well-being. It’s easy to pick out a gym membership or a fitness tracker to prompt physical well-being. But, how do you handle the sensitive topic of mental health with your team?

As a manager, you’ve received offers for all kinds of “New Age” solutions for mental wellness. Corporate retreats, mental health hotlines, and group activities remain popular. However, we think there’s a simpler way to get to the bottom of feelings – creative artistic expression.

At times, it’s difficult to express feelings with words, and in certain settings, it’s uncomfortable or inappropriate to express feelings at all.

We have an approach to improve the mental aspect of your corporate wellness program. Let us help create a safe environment for your team to express their feelings through art!

Art for corporate wellness, you say?

Is this another crazy team-building exercise or “New Age” wellness practice? You’ve built your share of bridges or boats out of boxes of junk in 15 minutes at team building events. But, what tangible, meaningful artifact did you take away from the event? (That fleece or pen holder with a corporate logo or an acrylic plaque DOESN’T count!)

Our method provides your team with the opportunity to share, build confidence, and express their feelings in a safe and fun environment. Who doesn’t love getting their hands a little messy! As a matter of fact, our method originated from a class held with stressed-out Wall Street executives!

Each team member takes home their creations at the end of the workshop. These creations are a permanent reminder of their creativity, achievement, and the feelings they were expressing at that moment. Everyone creates and no artistic experience is necessary.

We’ve been using our Art4Healing method in corporate settings for over 20 years. Let’s look more into how one of our Corporate Workshops can benefit YOUR team.

4 ways Art4Healing can improve your corporate wellness program

1) Provide a sense of achievement

Everyone leaves our Corporate Workshop with three creations on canvas. Working physically and touching the end result is a valuable commodity in the modern electronic world. Instead of leaving a trail of digital bits behind, your team members take home a physical creation of their own! 

2) Facilitate the ability to share having to share

Our guided workshops allow each participant to use colors to express their feelings on canvas in an abstract way. At the end of the Workshop, only the Participant knows the true meaning behind the canvas. Participants are welcome to share as little or as much as they like regarding this private and personal “hidden code”.

3) Give the team a chance to “think outside the box”

Non-linear thinking can lead to interesting solutions to problems. Changing settings or activities can lead to non-linear thinking. What better way to think outside the box than to create something abstract?

4) Improve team morale and communication

Our workshops are confidence boosters, fostering open lines of communication within your team. Team members achieve a goal together while working individually. Your team breaks out of their routine to bond with a fun, expressive, and creative activity.

Let’s Get Started

Are you ready to add an Art4Healing Workshop, or a series of Workshops, to your corporate wellness program?

We’ve got a few easy ways to get started:

  • Mini-workshop: Are you interested in a “mini” 15-minute workshop with one of your corporate wellness decision-makers? We’d be happy to set one up with you via Zoom. Contact us today!
  • Online pre-recorded courses: We have 35 pre-recorded courses available online. Try one out to get a feeling for us. If you contact us, we can even arrange a coupon for you! Check out our courses here.
  • Live Workshops: Join one of our Live Workshops, available to the public. Our calendar is available here.
  • Contact us: Do you need more information? Please contact us at [email protected] with your corporate wellness inquiry!

More About Art4Healing

Art & Creativity for Healing Inc. (ACFH) supports emotional healing for children, families, individuals, and military personnel using our Art4Healing method.

We assist adults and children suffering from the emotional impacts of abuse, illness, grief, fear, or stress. Our individual workshops and community programs offer expression, encouragement, clarity, and insight.

ACFH also partners with schools, shelters, hospitals, and other nonprofit agencies to integrate Art4Healing programs.

Our trained and certified facilitators have helped tens of thousands of people use art as a tool for self-expression with the Art4Healing method.

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