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Since 2000, Art & Creativity for Healing has been impacting – even transforming – the lives of over 85,000 underserved individuals in the Southern California area. The Art4Healing method, developed by Founder Laurie Zagon, teaches a new way of communicating through abstract painting using the language of color. Our Art4Healing workshops are designed to facilitate the creative process while encouraging emotional exploration.

International Certification Student creations

So, how do we reach trainees globally?

We established our Art4Healing International Certification Online Program that is the only recognized Art4Healing Certification, exclusively available online. Our students are able to bring the Art4Healing method to their own communities, across the world!

Are you interested in intersecting art and emotional exploration but fall short on where to start? Or have you been interested in becoming certified but need some reasons to enroll today?

Five reasons you should enroll in our online training today:

Empty day planner schedule 1. You set your own schedule.

Whether you are in a different time zone or close to our studio, our online program is accessible anytime, anywhere. Our only requirement is that you must finish the program within 9 months (or less)- that’s it. You will have an Art4Healing Coach who will work closely with you for the duration of your program. Their role is to guide you through the process by answering your questions, reviewing your assignments, and meeting with you online for check-ins. Feel free to ask your coach about how to make our program work for you and your schedule.

Person Grieving 2. You will be able to help others who are experiencing fear, stress, grief, or pain.

Art & Creativity for Healing’s driving mission is to support emotional healing through art and creative expression. As a certified facilitator, you are giving participants experiencing pain, grief, fear or stress the opportunity to self-investigate through the Art4Healing method. Participants learn to express themselves through the language of color and tell their story through paint. As a facilitator, you provide a safe space for participants to express their emotions. Many participants make emotional breakthroughs during the process, but most importantly, they learn a new, positive way of expressing their emotions.

Art for healing workshop participants 3. You will be able to bring Art4Healing into your own community.

There are many places in your community that you can implement the Art4Healing method. Our certified Art4Healing facilitator graduates utilize the method in after school programs, churches, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and wellness centers, to name a few. Plus, you can think of a specific demographic you are passionate about and partner with an agency near you to potentially host workshops!

tools on a white background 4. You can add another “tool” to your “toolbox”.

The Art4Healing method would be a strong addition to any kind of service. For example, some certified Art4Healing facilitators have used Art4Healing in cultural centers, schools, museums, and churches. You may have some service tools already in your toolbox such as teaching or mentoring. Facilitating Art4Healing Workshops would complement any kind of service tool and is a great way to keep adding to your toolbox.

woman looking down a winding road 5. You can explore your own personal journey.

Learning the Art4Healing method not only allows you to help others, but it offers you the opportunity to learn more about yourself. During the certification, you become the participant as you are led through the exercises. You may have emotional breakthroughs, just as your future participants may experience. By the end of the training, you will have both perspectives of a participant and a facilitator. Not to mention, you will graduate from the program with many canvases of abstract art that will allow you to reflect on your personal journey.

Are you ready to enroll?

If any or all of these reasons excite you about enrolling, contact [email protected] or visit our website to apply. One last important message -You do not have to have an art background as a facilitator or a participant. Anyone can do it!

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