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A Coach’s View – Art4Healing® International Certification Online

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By Art4Healing® Coach and Certified Facilitator Randi Winters


Coach Randi Winters

Art4Healing® International Certification is a program that offers students an opportunity to go deeper in their own personal expression while providing a path to becoming a certificated Art4Healing Facilitator. As an AICP Coach, I hear student feedback over and over again: this program has not only helped them to grow in their own creativity and personal expression, but it has given them the confidence to lead others in the process.  

Each student has their own certified personal coach to guide them through the 9-month self-paced curriculum. With in-depth video workshops led by founder and director Laurie Zagon as well as one-on-one Virtual Meetings with a coach, the curriculum is thoughtfully organized and user-friendly. Many students have commented that having a coach to mentor them on this path distinguishes AICP from other online courses.  

As an AICP coach for the past 3 years, I know that great care and consideration is given to pairing students with coaches. It is wonderful to see students become more expressive, intuitive artists as they progress through the curriculum and go deeper in the Art4Healing process. Once certified as Art4Healing Facilitators, it is always inspiring to hear the ways they will bring this work to their communities.

I have found the Art4Healing Certification Program to be outreach at its very best, fostering both personal growth and excellence in training.


AICP student creations

Student testimonials

Please read the comments of some current AICP students:

“The AICP training has been a powerful personal and professional experience. On a personal level, I have grown to be able to deeply use the method for self-knowledge and healing. On a professional level, I have been prepared to facilitate workshops using the curriculum. This has been accomplished through the review and feedback discussion that follows after each exercise as well as one-on-one virtual meetings with my coach.

Soon I will go through the practicum wherein I will receive more guidance from her and input on effective facilitation. I expect to complete the training with tremendous enhancements to my personal life and to my life as a teacher who has always known painting to be a powerful healing modality.  “

– Tina, AICP Student

“Reflecting on my time this past year as a student of The Art4Healing Certification Program my heart is full of gratitude.  Not only has this program given me the opportunity to help others using the wondrous world of expression with color and paint, but in the journey of my own exploration as a painter, an individual, and as a facilitator.

I am thankful for the point that only colors could describe and I am grateful to my coach for all the personalized guidance.  A world and a wondrous gift has been given to me with this program that I am elated to open the opportunity to others within my community. Thank you AICP.”

– Catherine, AICP Student

“Upon seeing the mission statement of Art and Creativity for Healing, I had to look deeper!  As an AICP student who is obtaining the International certificate, I have been so very pleased with the online format of classes, the supreme pleasure of being assigned a coach/mentor with video chats, and the support that has most certainly surpassed my expectations.  I feel that I am being well prepared to further this work of helping others through this program.”

– Deborah, AICP Student

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