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Santiago Creek School students love Raging Colors!

We love great feedback and we were happy to receive some from our Partners at the Santiago Creek School. We hope this testimonial brightens your day!

A Teacher's Testimonial

Art & Creativity for Healing has been a wonderful gift to our students.  Our students at Santiago Creek School have been going through much turmoil in their lives. Divorce of their parents, parents incarcerated, personal trouble with the law, pregnancy, and teen parenting are just a few of the issues they face.  Many of these problems are out of their immediate control leaving them with feelings of anger, sadness, and hopelessness.  

The ‘Raging Colors-Expressive Art for Teens’ program has been a tremendous tool for our students to express their feelings in a safe environment.  

One of our students, “Franky”, recently moved to California from Mexico to live with his uncle. He was very frustrated living in a new home, missing his parents, and not having the specific words to express his feelings.  Franky has excelled in the “Raging Colors-Expressive Art for Teens”.  He is learning a new language (English) which he writes in his art journal provided.  He draws pictures depicting his feelings and experiences.  The art has boosted his confidence and he is very proud of the artwork he has done.  

Alondra, another student in the program writes, “When I go into Art for Healing I get really excited to start the class.  After finishing the class I feel peaceful and happy.  Honestly, I love doing this class.  It’s the best. One time the teacher Miss Laura made us do something that was emotional that had to do with how we feel or felt in our painting.  I really loved it because I got to say how I felt in my painting.  I liked this experience because it relieved my stress. “

Another student Scarlett writes “Art for Healing – Raging Colors has helped me put my emotions to colors.  My favorite project we did was the ‘window to my heart’. It moved me how I was really feeling inside.  I am so happy to be a part of this class.”  

As a teacher for deeply troubled students, it is a joy to be able to provide a program like “Raging Colors-Expressive Art for Teens” to give them a safe place to express and be in touch with their feelings and have an avenue to release the pain.  The students feel “heard” in the class.  

Laurie Zagon is our hero in providing this opportunity for our students.  I have much gratitude for her and the teachers, Miss Laura and Miss Eva. 

– Cyndie Borcoman
Teacher, Santiago Creek School, ACCESS, OCDE

Art box giveaway

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Santiago Creek Community School Teens receiving their Healing Art Boxes

Thank you, Santiago Creek school, for your kind words!

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