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Healing Art Boxes

healing art box donation

Healing Art Boxes

When There are no Words, There is Art

Healing art box campaign

Our annual Healing Art Box campaign provides the gift of art to 1,200 underprivileged children suffering from illness, grief, or stress.

This year's campaign is underway and we need you!

Help us deliver bags and boxes with brand new art supplies! It’s quick to sign up. You’ll have a custom link to share with your friends. Set your funding goals, reach out to friends, fundraise together, and monitor your progress!

What is a healing art box?

For only $20 per box, we put together a shoe box filled with 10 different brand new art supplies. We also include a series of exercises to stimulate and entertain children experiencing hardship.

Who receives these art boxes?

“Healing Art Boxes” are distributed to children through our non-profit Partner Agencies. Some examples of the locations that the boxes are distributed to are:

  • Children of the deployed
  • Children in long-term hospital care
  • Children exposed to domestic violence
  • Children whose families are experiencing financial hardship or homelessness.
  • Teens in crisis

Here's how YOU can help!

Volunteer your time

  • Coordinate a group to help assemble boxes
  • Help with Healing Art Box Delivery and Distribution


Smiles start at $20 with the donation of one Healing Art Box!

healing art box donation

It’s only $20 to provide a Healing Art Box to a child in need. If you’re feeling extra generous and know someone to fund the program, $20,000 buys all the boxes!

Inspiring Healing Art Box Videos

Watch "The Story of the Box"

Here’s our animated take on how the program came to be. Enjoy “The Story of the Box”:

Founder and Executive Director, Laurie Zagon, explains more:

See the smiles from a past giveaway here!