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Art4Healing® at Home

Art4Healing® at Home

Art4Healing® at Home is a self-paced at-home expressive painting workshop that includes a set of art supplies and canvases, and one signature Art4Healing® themed workshop.

Art4Healing® at Home workshops save you from having to search for art supplies, and you get to do it at your own pace, in your own home!

There are 6 themed workshops you can choose from:

  • Beyond Covid Reset
  • Expressing Feelings with Color
  • Painting Hope
  • Glorious Colors
  • Speaking with Colors
  • Color and Play
All Art4Healing® at Home courses are also available in Spanish.

Contents and Pricing

Each “Art4Healing at Home” package comes with ONE of the 6 themed workshops, specific instruction that guides you through the workshop, along with all the art supplies you need! 

Your art supplies include: 3 canvases, 16-color paint set, mixing plate, piece of white copy paper, wedge sponges and q-tips.

Each themed workshop with materials is only $59! (plus $9.99 shipping and handling to the US/Canada)

The cost of the kit is $39 without supplies. (shipping included) 

If you have supplies, make sure you have what you need for a workshop! Check out our workshop supply suggestions on Amazon:

International orders

For international orders, please contact us directly to arrange shipping and handling costs.  E-mail office@art4healing.org or call +1 949 367 1902. 

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We offer kits with supplies or without supplies. Just choose the course you’d like, fill in your information, and indicate your language. You’ll be creating with Art4Healing® in no time!