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Online Giving

Online Giving

From the very beginning Art & Creativity for Healing offered our Art4Healing workshops free of charge to community nonprofit partners. We knew that these small nonprofits did not have any extra funding to pay for a therapeutic art program. We applied for grants to support these programs and were thrilled to have many foundations and individual donations support us beginning in the very first year. Since then we believe in giving, giving and more giving. This is truly the secret of our success for 20 years.

Donations are crucial to keep our healing mission thriving and growing.  Just one workshop or bedside visit can be a life-changing event:

“Art4Healing® has introduced me to a new way of life. It has helped me express my feelings and leave them on canvas rather than having to talk about them. I am able to create something beautiful out of even my most painful memories.”   

– CPL Priscila Suarez, Workshop Participant

Donate today and give the gift of artistic expression!  Your gift provides healing to women, children, and families living with pain, grief, fear, illness or stress.

100% of your donations go to support our Non-Profit Partner Programs in the community. Our operational costs are covered entirely through Certification, Studio Workshops, and online sales.

Here’s our Founder and Executive Director, Laurie Zagon, explaining our fundraising mission:

How Your Donations Help

your donation impact

Online Donations

Individual donations are very important to us. Any amount helps out mission thrive and grow. Gift the gift of healing art today! 

Public Stock Donation

We’ve partnered with Stock Donator to accept a new type of donations! Stock Donator provides a secure, fast, and simple web enabled service to donate publicly traded stocks to various organizations.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Individual donors log on to www.stockdonator.com and enter the information required to donate stock.
  2. Stock Donator collects all entered information and generates the required forms to send onto the Donor’s Brokerage Firm
  3. Some firms may use Medallion Signatures (MS) as an additional means to validate the donation request. If so, that will be handled.
  4. Stock Donator receives the stock donations from the Donor’s Brokerage Firm.
  5. Stock Donator provides the stock proceeds net of any fees and service charges to the receiving organization, based on the organization’s preference to either liquidate immediately or transfer the stock.
  6. To complete the process, Stock Donator provides the Donor with the transaction receipts needed to claim the tax deduction for the stock donations.

Give it a try!