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Groups taking our classes experience a fun, emotional, bonding experience together that only art can offer.

Painted Colors

Online Creative Team-Building Workshops

Rapid change has become a fact of life for individuals, organizations, and businesses around the world. 

Demands on people in the workplace continue to rise and staff is expected to adapt and learn more quickly than ever. If not managed well, organizational changes and continuous pressure on people in the workplace can take a toll on performance.

Art & Creativity for Healing’s Online Creative Team-Building Workshops are highly interactive, creative centered sessions, specialized in team building, corporate vision and stress management. The workshops have been shown to improve staff morale and reduce stress (see our results).

Our team building workshops provide a fun atmosphere to tap into these resources through abstract painting!

Topics to Empower

  • Corporate vision
  • Team building
  • More balanced work and home life
  • Stress management
  • Life’s changes

We are happy to create a session topic that fits the need of your team.

What can you expect?

  • 2 or 3 hour long guided abstract art workshop and team building session
  • 3 creations per participant to take home on artist grade canvases
  • 10-15 team members per group
  • EXPONENTIAL emotional growth for your team

Ready to Learn More?

An Online Creative Team Building Workshop allows you to experience the Art4Healing method in a group and interact with a certified facilitator, just like you would on-site or in our studio.

Now, you can experience the power of healing art wherever you are! Our customized Zoom platform is fun, interactive, and above all easy to use.

Here’s a recent video from a group session with Pepperdine University Psychology students:

Private Group Workshops

We will host your group in a private workshop for up to 12 participants (minimum 6 participants). One of our certified facilitators will be on-hand to encourage everyone and guide the fun. You’ll even get to take home your paintings as keepsakes from the special workshop—forever remembering your colorful and creative get together!

Prices for private groups are available upon request.

“My wife was turning 40 and I wanted to do something special for her so I invited 10 of our closest friends to celebrate my wife’s birthday by participating in an Art & Creativity for Healing workshop. We had a great night and we went to eat dinner afterwards. It was a wonderful experience for my wife to keep paintings created especially for her by people she loves.”
Casey, San Clemente, CA

Check out some private party workshop pictures below:

Questions? We can help!