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Opened My Son’s Heart

Published by Art & Creativity for Healing on

My nine-year-old son and I were very fortunate to discover Art4Healing classes while in a local domestic violence shelter due to suffering abuse. We looked forward to every class to release our feelings (“Expressing Feelings with Color”), to create our story in all its stages, and to reduce the anxiety and stress we were feeling. It helped to bring hope back into our lives and connect us with how God’s love for us.

After we were on our own outside of the shelter my son’s counselor changed and he had a hard time opening up again about his feelings. Laurie graciously offered to scholarship me and my son for another “Expressing Feelings with Color” class.

This class really relieved some stress for me and opened up my son’s heart again. He came home singing that evening at the completion of the class. He hadn’t sung or created his own songs about his future and life for many months. I was amazed at how hopeful we both felt after the class.