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Anyone can volunteer

Volunteer Your Time With Art4Healing

Without volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to reach as many people in our community experiencing difficulty.   Join the cause and support emotional healing through art & creative expression today!

Volunteer Orientations

Orientations for volunteers are offered several times a year at our Laguna Hills studio. We give you a brief history and overview of Art for Creativity and Healing, our mission, and who in the community we serve.  You’ll learn about the different volunteer opportunities you can join in on. You will also experience the Art4Healing method firsthand by participating in a mini-workshop. Please wear clothing appropriate for painting—no art experience necessary!

Fill out this short online application and we’ll contact you with orientation and volunteer opportunities!

Hear about the Guild from our founder, Laurie Zagon

A short interview with our current President, Margie Bushaw

A special group for women

HeARTs for Healing Women's Guild​

The HeARTs for Healing Women’s Guild is a compassionate, energetic group of ladies that serve as fundraisers and community advocates for our programs. They work hands-on with us throughout the year by volunteering in workshops and helping us with all aspects of our fundraising gala.

Do you like to have fun and help someone while doing it?

Women's Guild Photos

HeARTs for Healing Photo Gallery

Here are some photos of the volunteer fun you’ve been missing

HeARTs for Healing Guild Members

Current Guild Members​

President: Margie Bushaw
  • Sharlene Baker
  • Stephanie Burns
  • Kathy Chevalier
  • Kate Curry
  • Jean Kerrigan
  • Marilyn Liu
  •  Andi Mandel
  • Rachel Mathews
  • Suzie Miller
  • Sue Parr
  • Patti Romo
  • Sue Stinson
  • Lisa Stoughton
  • Diane Stroebel
  • Randi Winters
  • MaryAnn Wisner
  • Sandy Wood
  • Brenda Zeller
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What They're Saying

See how satisfying volunteering can be! Here are some quotes from our facilitators and volunteers.

It’s Transformational

At the beginning of the class, they are painting with lots of black and red symbolizing their feelings of rage being in their situation. As they progress in the 2-3 month stay at the shelter the colors lighten and the painted images change from sadness and anger to hope and plans for their future.

Lynn E., Facilitator

This Method is Priceless

I have seen firsthand, as well as experienced, the healing that comes with expressing hidden emotions on the canvas. Because of Laurie’s insight, and that of her team, bringing this method to those that need it is priceless!

Eva C., Volunteer

The Real Deal!

ACFH is an amazing organization! Over the years I have been both a participant and a facilitator. I found the workshops so personally meaningful that I wanted to learn how to help others do this work. Art and Creativity for Healing takes art supplies into some of the most challenging environments. Facilitators provide guided experiences that show both children and adults how to use their own creativity and imagery to express themselves and find a way through their personal issues. As a teacher, artist and a trained counselor, I believe Art and Creativity is an organization with integrity and heart, it’s the real deal!

RJ, Facilitator and Volunteer

A Blessing for 10 Years

This is my 10th year as a volunteer for the Art4Healing program at Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). Through this program, it has been a blessing to me to work with kids from ages 4-25 who have cancer. I meet with them one-on-one in their hospital rooms and provide the tools, encouragement, and interaction to help them express themselves through art. Even their family members often join in to create an art project that helps them find some release for stress or discouragement.

Art 4 Healing is an important organization that facilitates many different kinds of healing through art and creativity. Laurie is a very special person who, through her vision, has developed programs for people suffering from several different kinds of pain. What a privilege it is to be part of this non-profit!

Bonnie F., Volunteer

Transformative Process

As a volunteer, participant and facilitator, I’ve witnessed how the Art4Healing process can positively impact people and help them break through barriers or plateaus to a healing place. It’s a transformative process…

Petra R., Volunteer

Thanks Laurie!

My daughter will be President of the Art for Healing club at her high school this year. The club members work with the special needs kids at our school. Both the Club members and the kids that they work with (along with the teachers) benefit from the art projects that are done through this wonderful philanthropy. Thank you, Laurie!

Cathy, Volunteer
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