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UMass Global Art4Healing® Certification

Art4Healing Certification August

UMass Global Art4Healing® Certification


We are proud to offer the only Art4Healing® method Certification Program with accreditation in the country, in partnership with University of Massachusetts Global. We offer this exclusive certification via our online Zoom platform. Here are the answers to some basic questions about our certification program:

Who is the Program for?

We certify counselors, teachers, therapists, medical professionals, artists, and others who help children and adults suffering from abuse, illness, grief or stress in Art4Healing® method.

What will I learn?

Trainees learn how to use the language of color to facilitate creative and emotional expression.  Methods include abstract painting and other visual mediums, such as collage and journaling.

Additionally, trainees facilitate workshop segments at Art & Creativity for Healing partner workshops under an experienced Art4Healing® mentor-facilitator.

Lastly, trainees must observe 3 different Certified Art4Healing® Facilitators conduct workshops. This is done by auditing Live Online workshops. Observation allows trainees to understand how to conduct their own Art4Healing® workshops.

How does the UMass Global Art4Healing® Certification differ from your International Certification?

We’re glad you asked! Here is a chart explaining the difference:

What are the specific requirements?

UMass Global Art4Healing® Certification Requirements

Online Training and Courses

Trainees must complete 45 online course hours with Art & Creativity for Healing, which include the courses listed below:

Expressing Feelings with Color

This hands-on, introductory workshop for the Art4Healing® Certificate covers the methods of Art4Healing®.  Students express feelings through the language of color and painting on canvas.

Level One Weekend Facilitator Training

This two-day, weekend class teaches students how to conduct their own Art4Healing® workshop.  We cover topics such as creating a comfortable and safe environment and practice facilitating Art4Healing® projects.

Art4Healing® Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Series

Our Art4Healing® series contains exercises covering the language of color and how to express and process it through visual art.

To start, beginners use collage, watercolor, acrylic painting and journaling to complete a series of artworks.

Next, intermediate participants complete an additional series of artworks using these varied mediums, taking the process to a new level of emotional expression.

Finally, advanced participants focus on acrylic painting to explore and process creativity on a deeper level, completing an additional series of paintings.

Online Observation

Trainees must spend 12 hours observing/shadowing a experienced, Certified Art4Healing® Facilitator during Art4Healing® Live Online workshops. For an example of upcoming workshops, see our calendar.

Where can I use the Certification?

Graduates can use the Art4Healing® method in their practice to supplement existing art, educational, or other therapy.

Who provides the training?

Laurie Zagon, founder of the Art4Healing® method and co-leader Nancy Stewart-Torbitt, artist/educator provide all of our certification training. Certified Facilitators Amy Baker and Laura Svette also assist with weekday workshops.

Who provides the accreditation?

UMass Global is a fully accredited, private, nonprofit university designed for working adults seeking to improve their careers through education. With many programs offered online as well as on-campus at our 25+ locations, UMass Global is here to help students reach their educational goals.

All University of Massachusetts Global programs are accredited by WSCUC, assuring that the University meets quality standards established by the U.S. Department of Education.

Professional Development Units (PDU’s)

UMass Global offers 4 graduate-level professional development units for this certificate.

Where is the training?

Our UMass Global Art4Healing® Certification is currently being held virtually, via our Zoom platform. For more information and requirements to use Zoom, please see our Live Online Courses page.

How much is the training?

The UMass Global Registration fee is $2,500.00 and payable directly to the University.

What supplies do I need?

Required materials can be purchased on Amazon or from any art supply store. For a list of required materials, please see our Live Online Courses page.

Do you have other questions?

Brochure and Online Application

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