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We are proud to offer the only globally recognized Art4Healing Certification, exclusively available online.

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We want to ensure that our certification is a good fit. We highly recommend you read the frequently asked questions and watch the introductory videos before applying.

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* We will review your application within 48 business hours (Pacific Time). If you are accepted, you will have 30 days to enroll and provide payment.

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Art4Healing Certification Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Art4Healing® International Certificate Program?

Students will experience and complete Art4Healing® workshops and assignments through an online platform within a timeline of 9 months. In addition to completing these assignments, students will be required to record and submit videos of themselves facilitating full workshops. These assignments will culminate in a final paper which will discuss the student’s experience with Art4Healing® and future plans.

As additional support, students will be matched with an Art4Healing® Coach who will answer questions and review his/her assignments and facilitated workshops. All students will have a total of 9 hours (via 6 virtual meetings) with his/her Art4Healing® Coach.

Where is the International Certification offered?

Our Art4Healing® International Certificate Program has been offered in and completed by students from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, England, and the United States. However, we’ve had worldwide interest! In practicality, you can participate anywhere you have a high-speed Internet connection. Currently, our Art4Healing® International Certificate Program curriculum is offered in English and requires individuals to speak and write fluently in English.

What is the Art4Healing® Method?

Our Art4Healing® curriculum contains strictly guided exercises, rather than loosely formatted art sessions. These exercises are specially designed to elicit emotional responses. In a group setting through abstract painting, participants leave encouraged, with enhanced clarity and insight. Want to know more?

How long does the International Certification take to complete?

Students have 9 months to complete all assignments and requirements, however, students (along with their assigned Art4Healing® Coach) will be able to personalize their own schedules for completing each assignment. Because the program allows you to go at your pace, some students have been able to finish the program in only 2 months. 

Do I need an art background or art degree to apply?

Prospective students do not need an art background or an art degree to apply. We certify counselors, teachers, therapists, medical professionals, artists, and others who help children and adults suffering from abuse, illness, grief or stress in the Art4Healing® method.

Are there any prerequisites or other requirements?

While there are no course prerequisites for this certification, there are technical requirements for participants since this program is entirely web-based.


Each prospective student is required to have access to:


– A home desktop or laptop with Internet capabilities (mobile devices / tablets are not supported)

– A private space to focus on and complete exercises

– A webcam and microphone set-up for virtual meetings (if your desktop or laptop includes this, you do not need additional equipment)

– A video-recording device, such as a cell-phone or camera (Students will need to video record themselves to complete two practicum assignments. Each video file recorded will need at least 5 GB of space on your device)

– A Google Account


In addition, please be aware that each participant is required to sign a training agreement and a photography and video waiver before participating in any certification activities. If you are unable to complete these prerequisites, your application may be denied.

Who provides the training?

Laurie Zagon, the founder of Art and Creativity for Healing, Inc., has designed the entire curriculum and provides training through her online instructional videos. Each student is also assigned a highly qualified Art4Healing® Coach to provide additional virtual support throughout his/her training.


All Art4Healing Coaches are certified facilitators with 2 years of experience or more. They currently work as facilitators for Art & Creativity for Healing, Inc. at our various partner agencies and serve the following demographics: veterans, victims of domestic violence, children and families suffering from homelessness, at-risk teens, and senior citizens.

Who helps with Training Programs?

Laura Svette


Laura Svette is our Training Consultant. She was introduced to Art4Healing four years ago and was quickly hooked. After experiencing the unique methodology, she decided to pursue our Art4Healing® Brandman Studio Certification Program. We’re glad she did!


Laura quickly began facilitating workshops with the Wounded Warriors Program on Camp Pendleton. She’s helped hundreds of our service members express the language of color with abstract painting.


She’s also done amazing work with our Partner, Orange County Department of Education’s ACCESS Program. The ACCESS Program helps struggling teens who are foster care children, children who have been neglected at home, and kids who have been in trouble with the law and/or have slipped through the cracks within the system.


Laura was also honored at our 2017 Palette of Colors Gala as our 2017 Facilitator of the Year. We are grateful to have Laura’s nurturing spirit and artistic talent behind our healing efforts!

Where can I use the International Certification?

Graduates can use the Art4Healing® method in any setting where participants can benefit from emotional healing. These settings include (but are not limited to) places such as hospitals, schools, homeless shelters, mental health facilities, veteran facilities, senior citizen centers, etc. You will be using the Art4Healing method as a supplement to your own unique program or in addition to an existing program.


NOTE: Art4Healing® curriculum is designed for facilitating group work post-graduation. It is not designed to be utilized in one-on-one facilitation. (The sharing within the group is what truly creates the participant connection with their own self-awareness.)

How much does it cost?

The tuition fee for the Art4Healing® International Certificate Program is $2,800 per individual. You will also be responsible for purchasing your own art materials.

Art4Healing Certification application

Apply for Art4Healing Certification

If you are interested in pursuing the Art4Healing International Certification Program, please download and review the FAQ document:

Once you fully understand the Certification Program FAQs, you can apply here*

* We will review your application within 48 business hours (Pacific Time). If you are accepted, you will have 30 days to enroll and provide payment.

Read our feedback

What They're Saying

Here are a few testimonials from our International Certificate Program Graduates and Coaches. Hear first-hand how the Program affected them!

On what’s next

I am excited to share this process with others. I have big dreams of taking this out to my world! There are so many people who can benefit from this method.

Jocelyn Friis - International Certification Program Graduate

On the Art4Healing Method

I can’t remember when it was exactly, but early on in the curriculum, I had an “ah ha” moment, when I really think I understood the main gist of what is critical for any participant to understand to fully appreciate and benefit from a workshop, and crucial to understanding as a facilitator. The Art4Healing methodology asks that participants focus on the process, rather than the final product…. At first, this was difficult for me.

I think as children, we are quickly emphasized that when painting, coloring, etc, it’s important to stay in the lines. It’s important that you have correct shading. It’s important that your images mirror reality. But realism artwork is only one type of artwork, and I found abstract art to be much more enjoyable. Letting go of what I wanted the artwork to end up looking like did not come easy at first, but once I gave into the process and let go of my expectations, I really started to enjoy the process and respond more spontaneously to the instructions.

Brian Olson - International Certification Program Graduate

From Coach Randi

I thought this provided an excellent option for people who need distance learning. Being able to view the paintings online and discuss them worked great for providing feedback and guidance!

Coach Randi - International Certification Program Coach

Never failed to give me assurance…

Coach Randi continuously encouraged me to trust the process and that I would start to understand abstract painting/thinking. It is only natural as human beings to want to be validated. Randi never failed to give me the assurance I needed.


Continuous challenge and perspective

Coach Randi continuously challenged me and offered different perspectives through her own experiences from facilitating workshops. She taught me about going beyond the superficial stuff and creating not a beautiful piece but instead creating a range of expression whether those feelings were pretty or not.


From Coach Eve

I’m just thrilled to see how this has worked! I loved reviewing my student’s practicum and seeing her apply everything she learned. It’s an amazing program; it’s very well designed, easy to follow along and though student and teacher are far from each other, communication felt seamless.
Coach Eve - International Certification Program Coach

On distance

Being able to participate through the online format meant my location in New Zealand was not a hindrance, as is often the case. I had been eyeing out ACFH for a long time but was unable to take the certification due to my location, so I was very excited to see the online development. As I work part-time, it also suited me in that I was free to choose when to complete the assignments.

Jocelyn Friis - International Certification Program Graduate

New, profound confidence

Art4Healing has given me a new profound confidence. Before joining this program, I was always very self-critical of myself in all aspects of my life. I did not like spontaneity. However, I am proud to say today, that I do not mind as much being in the moment and going with the flow.


On her personal experience

This has been quite a journey. It has been both deep and healing, freeing and liberating. I am totally sold on how painting is a healthy way to express what would otherwise be damagingly trapped inside of us.

To see the feelings right there on the canvas before me was healing in itself. Using paint in this way always felt safe to me. Many of the exercises helped me gain perspective on situations. I learned what is of real value to me, I found space to reflect, to step back and look at the big picture of life. It gave me an awareness and a reminder to enjoy the moment.

Jocelyn Friis - International Certification Program Graduate

On how Art for Healing has re-ignited his creativity

As I near completion of the Art4Healing certification program, I’m amazed at how far I’ve come in so little time. I definitely struggle with the Committee in the Head syndrome and have so since my 7th-grade teacher knocked the creativity wind right out of me by giving me my first “D” grade. I felt defeated and since then, I have really stayed clear of any situations that relied on me tapping into my creative side. I feel that the Art4Healing curriculum has helped me to silence the “Committee”, and who knows what creative opportunities await me!

Brian Olson - International Certification Program Graduate

On her Art for Healing Coach

My personal tutor was very helpful and encouraged me throughout the various stages of the program. Her guidance was valuable and inspiring and this enhanced my motivation. With time, I was able to silence my analytical brain and become more spontaneous in allowing my core feelings to come forward. I felt that there was an increased sense of clarity on the various events of my life and many new perspectives emerged as a result. This process of self-exploration was both rewarding and satisfying.

Anny Zachariadou - International Certification Program Graduate

On the structure of the methodology

Offering this to those who are homeless, that do not have access to materials or space to create art, has a lot of meaning to me. I do firmly believe that the Art4Healing methodology will provide a more structured program with more specific end results, and therefore, be more therapeutic for my whomever my participants are.

Brian Olson - International Certification Program Graduate

On her personal experience

My overall impression of the Art4Healing program was fantastic. I believe the organization is staffed with talented individuals who are passionate about what they do. The classes are carefully guided and organized in a structured way, which allows the various exercises and artwork to flow in a natural and harmonious way.
Anny Zachariadou - International Certification Program Graduate

On the curriculum & exercises

Doing each exercise myself gave me a clear insight into what was being asked and I was continually amazed at the unexpected artwork (and revelations) that resulted. Even on the workshops that I didn’t think had any relevance to me, I still found them to be enlightening and there was always something I learned about myself or the process.

Jocelyn Friis - International Certification Program Graduate

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