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Paint. Heal. Grow.

Art4Healing® Special Reports

Learn the Benefits of Self-Healing with Art

Reports About self-Healing with Art

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Since 2017, we’ve produced  Special Reports that dive deeper into aspects of the Art4Healing® Method.

Our Special Reports are long reads, backed up by research and our 20 years of experience. They cover timely topics that can be referred back to year after year.

Our latest Special Report focused on the various mental health benefits of expressive art. We feel this topic is more important than ever, given the heath and other crises of the past year.

We invite you to enjoy and share one of our Special Reports!

Helping Teens Unmask Feelings with Therapeutic Painting
The Mental Health Benefits of Expressive Art
Giving Grief a Voice Through Expressive Painting​
The Language of Color
Troubled Youth and the Power of Expressive Painting
Art and the Brain​​​

Our 2022 Special Report

Helping Teens Unmask Feelings with Therapeutic Painting

Report Summary

Adolescent mental health has been on the decline for the past decade, and the crisis was further exacerbated by the COVID pandemic. In this Special Report, we examine the startling statistics on adolescent mental health in 2022. We then discuss the unique emotional challenges teens face, and how our unique Art4Healing® method can be used to help with these challenges.

Our 2021 Special Report

The Mental Health Benefits of Expressive Art

Report Summary

Mental health, while often stigmatized, is an important issue in society, particularly in post-COVID times. Tools to address mental health and process mental health issues are needed. This Report examines the mental health benefits associated with creating expressive art using the Art4Healing® Method.

Our 2020 Special Report

Giving Grief a Voice Through Expressive Painting

Report Summary

Our 20 years of observations, combined with study results, suggest expressive abstract art may help participants through any stage and with all types of grief. The Art4Healing® method uses abstract, expressive painting as a healing tool to give feelings like grief a voice when words fail.

Our 2019 Special Report

The Language of Color

How color's energetic nature affects emotions and can heal

Art & Creativity for Healing participants harness the energy of color to evoke individual healing. This Report explains the nature of color and considerations that inform the Art4Healing® method.

Our 2018 Special Report

Troubled Youth and the Power of Expressive Painting

Report Summary

We’ve collected information from a variety of sources, and the results are overwhelming: art helps troubled youth, engendering less stress, healthier emotions, and stronger academic performance. This special report provides strong evidence through studies and youth testimonials.

Our 2017 Special Report

Art and the Brain

Report Summary

Exposure to visual art and participation in creative activities creates positive brain changes. In this report, Art & Creativity for Healing highlights some of our favorite data and quotes surrounding this hypothesis.

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What They're Saying

Hear from people who have first-hand experience with our methods:

Light After Grief

My son and I enrolled in the bereavement 4-week class and found it to be a great release of our sadness and a very special way to make memories of the loved ones we were grieving. Hearing everyone else’s story was a great reminder that we are not alone in our grief. Thank you so much for this awesome program that opens the windows of our souls and lets the light back in!

Sherry and Robert

Safe and Non-Judgmental

What I appreciate about the Art4Healing program is that you are creating the space for people to see what needs to be expressed in a completely non-judgmental and safe way.

Odessa A.

Got My Feelings Out

This art class helped me get out a lot of feelings that were making me feel mad all the time.

Ramone, Age 16, Workshop Participant / FaCT program

A Beautiful Process

The Painting Hope workshop was such a freeing way to reflect, release, and refresh how hope has played a role in my life. The opportunity to connect with myself AND with other is such a beautiful process.

M. Sauder

Opened My Son’s Heart

My nine-year-old son and I were very fortunate to discover Art4Healing classes while in a local domestic violence shelter due to suffering abuse. We looked forward to every class to release our feelings (“Expressing Feelings with Color”), to create our story in all its stages, and to reduce the anxiety and stress we were feeling. It helped to bring hope back into our lives and connect us with how God’s love for us.

After we were on our own outside of the shelter my son’s counselor changed and he had a hard time opening up again about his feelings. Laurie graciously offered to scholarship me and my son for another “Expressing Feelings with Color” class.

This class really relieved some stress for me and opened up my son’s heart again. He came home singing that evening at the completion of the class. He hadn’t sung or created his own songs about his future and life for many months. I was amazed at how hopeful we both felt after the class.

Sherry and Robert

Beauty Out of Pain

Art4Healing has introduced me to a new way of life. It is very helpful in expressing my feelings and leaving them on canvas rather than having to talk about them. I am able to create something beautiful out of event my most painful memories. These workshops have had a major positive impact on my life.

CPL Priscila Suarez

I Want to Take More

I found this to be one of the most interesting, soul searching things I have done. I loved it and would love to do all the classes.


Inexpressible expression

The easy, yet powerful techniques and non-judgmental techniques of Art4Healing give expression to the inexpressible that is beyond the spoken language.


Like Going Back to Preschool

I have attended several Art4Healing workshops and they have all been GREAT! They are fun, relaxing, enlightening, and totally cathartic. Don’t worry if you’re not an artist–it’s like going back to preschool, just having fun with colors. I always learn something new about myself, and leave feeling so much better. Try this unique experience and see for yourself!

Harvest R., Workshop Participant and Volunteer

Semper Fi!

Self-expression is an important part of my recovery process and abstract art really helps me personally with that. Thanks for all of the support! Semper Fi!

Matt Slade SSGT/USMC

Truly Enjoyable

Art for Healing classes are relaxing and allow participants to find their creativity inside. Truly enjoyable classes…great for children and adults. The Art & Creativity for Healing team are well prepared and organized and encourage expression of all feelings.

D. Torres

Want to Grow?

This class can reach places of the heart. Ask yourself if you want to grow.


Military Thanks

We are a military family and all 3 of our boys have gotten to participate in an Art4Healing workshop at San Onofre School. They love the experience and look forward to it each year! Thanks art for healing!!

Adams Family

Adds to Counseling

Art4Healing has been a great tool for me as I receive counseling after having been raped and sexually assaulted. After my unfortunate situation, I struggled with control issues as my control had been stripped away from me. This class has allowed me to release control in a safe environment and taught me to not be afraid of my vulnerability. I am better able to sense and feel and relate to others again and am grateful!


Right When We Needed You

ACFH was such a blessing and right when we needed it. My husband and I were able to both enjoy an incredible class with Laurie. My husband served in the Marine Corps for 10 years. He was injured in combat on his second deployment and then deployed twice more after that…We both found so much healing in our paintings. Thank you for all that you do!


Okay to Feel Pain

I have always been the ‘eternal optimist’, and this workshop allowed me to acknowledge the dark. It is okay to feel pain and anger and to see the beauty in the pain.